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Thank You Newgrounds! P.S. - We're looking for a logo artist....

2009-01-02 20:18:40 by Argyros

Thanks so much everybody! We posted our first track a few days ago, and it's doing AMAZING. Didn't expect it to be enjoyed this much :D

If you haven't heard it, you can go here, or simply go to the audio portal where it's the #1 track on "Best of the Week"!

In other news, we have like 3 more tracks coming! Each one's about 70% finished, so you can probably expect to see them within the next few weeks or so. (No promises though, sorry :/ )

Lastly, we've been looking to find someone who's got mad skills with photoshop or paintshop or something similar, and could make us a few totally bitchin' logos! :D It'd be much appreciated, and we could possibly work out some sort of deal/exchange (Not money though, we're too poor :P )

Once again, thank you Newgrounds!



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2009-01-02 20:33:57

Mydnite ^^

Definitely her ; )

Btw congratulations! :D


2009-01-02 20:41:37

Congrats to yoy two on such a wicked debut item! I bet it is one of the best debut tracks ever written. It is hard to not go downhill from here but I know you have more up your sleeves. I shall be awaiting your next few songs that are in the works. (And Morgan, send me them. You know you want to) =-D Great stuff and Georg, do you speak Anglais? ;)


2009-01-02 21:50:48

Congrats! Wow almost 2,000 downloads.


2009-01-02 22:29:16

my cousin does a lot of logo's. you could try asking him. he's a graphic/web designer


2009-01-02 22:51:44

ill make you up some logos, i don't need anything in return I just like to photoshop.


2009-01-02 23:17:34

lol made a couple up for you real quick, id like if you could give me some direction, a colour scheme you prefer or design ideas. Anything like that. Just send me a PM, heres what i made so far 05/XxShogunMasterxX/?action=view&
current=Argyros2.jpg 05/XxShogunMasterxX/?action=view&


2009-01-02 23:49:36

can't wait to hear your new stuff. your first entry showed as much talent as i've ever heard. i'm sure the new stuff will be amazing


2009-01-04 04:38:01

Music man.


2009-01-04 14:40:32

I love your debut song so here's one I made just recently: 107/asylilium/?action=view&curren t=ARGYROS.jpg

This is just one idea of what your theme feels like to me x)

send me a pm for specifics on what you want me to do, and you dont have to worry about anything, its free ^_^


2009-01-05 14:47:38

well im alright cartoons on paper but you might not like my style with computer art. I can always scan my drawings from the printer if you want.


2009-01-10 02:51:31

Awesome, I'm glad to hear it (except the poor part, ha)!

Can't wait for the new songs, I'll be checking your page regularly, Argyros is one of my favorite artists now!


2009-01-12 15:58:19

hey!! Heaven of Inspiration is fantastic!! :D the song make me fly! XDDD nahh, but if that song is awesome i canĀ“t wait for your another songs!


2009-01-14 07:52:29

I'd agree with ZooSafari, You might want to contact Mydnite for a logo.

Great song you made!


2009-01-31 01:35:37

Great stuff guys!! when exactly do you plan on releasing your next songs?


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